Portfolio Reviews during Photo London 2017
to May 21

Portfolio Reviews during Photo London 2017

Jacob Aue Sobol will be conducting portfolio review sessions during Photo London 2017.

Individual sessions will run for 25 min per participant and give you the opportunity to discuss your work one on one with Jacob.

Whether you are a hobby photographer or professional this gives you the chance to meet Jacob and get critic and advice on your work including storytelling, exhibitions and book making. Jacob just started a new Copenhagen based publishing company called Brothas. This review also gives you the option to present a potential book project you wish to be published.

There are limited spots available on Friday the 19th of May or Sunday the 21st of May.

click here for Friday time slots

click here for Sunday time slots

Closer to the event we will email you the venue details and what to bring with you.

Those who apply first will have more options on time slots via the website.

Cost is 100 Euro per session.


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Magnum Square Print Sale
to Nov 4

Magnum Square Print Sale

For four days only, Magnum photography, a collective that has documented most of the world’s major events since the 1930s is hosting their annual square print sale.

This is a unique opportunity to purchase an iconic photograph by a Magnum photographer for only $100!

The theme ”Conditions of the Heart: On Empathy and Connection in Photography” was conceived by exploring Magnum co-founder David ‘Chim’ Seymour’s legacy of work, described as “unapologetically compassionate”. Each photograph chosen represents a strong emotional connection in the work of each photographer.

The photograph chosen by Jacob Aue Sobol was shot during his time in Guatemala where he was documenting the life of the Gomez Brito family. It depicts the strong bond between the boy Eliseo and his dog Domingo.

"I lived with The Gomez Brito family in a remote mountainous area of Guatemala for two months in 2005. Each day I took part in the daily work on their land growing corn and beans.  Juanita and Andreas had seven children; Roberto, Davide, Faustino, Eliseo, Diego, Elisabeth and Maria, and also a dog named Domingo. Domingo would follow ten-year-old Eliseo every morning when he walked the long route over the mountain to tend the horses. Often on the way back old Domingo got really tired and Eliseo would carry him the rest of the way home.”

Act quickly to get your hands on one of these iconic prints before the sale ends. With only four days online, blink and you’ll miss it!

Available through the Magnum website

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