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Editing Workshop


I'm opening a new studio in the Danish countryside and marking the occasion with an intensive, intimate editing workshop from August 26 to September 2 (Sunday to Sunday). We will go in depth about how to select and sequence images — and how we can hone our creative voice through the editing process. 

What sorts of visual connections make a cohesive body of work? How do we invite viewers into our existence and get them to question their own? These are the sorts of questions we will focus on while also fishing and eating together at a farmhouse on the Danish coast. 

The house where I'm hosting the workshop once belonged to my grandfather. A German émigré to Denmark, he was a professional photographer for much of his life. He stowed thousands of film negatives in the attic (many of which still survive) and constructed a darkroom beside a horse stable. Several decades later I'm rebuilding this place in the spirit of my grandfather: as a space for photography and thinking about photography.

The workshop is aimed at well-practiced amateurs or professionals looking to take the next step in their practice. I invite applications from anyone who has a long-term project they'd like to develop — this could be an idea for a book or just a long-term series you'd like to discuss in depth. I will select up to eight people based on the strength of the submissions. There will be both individual and group sessions included in the workshop.

Depending on your ambition, you can leave the workshop with an exhibition layout, an edited book dummy, etc.

I will provide transportation to the farmhouse from the Copenhagen airport (about a 2.5 hour drive) along with lodging, food, and printing. There will be a small crew on hand to help with logistics. The house itself is old but cozy and located on an isolated island called Lolland; you will have one day off in the middle of the week to go sailing and reflect. 

This is a rare chance to get extensive feedback on your work from me — and experience a remote and beautiful part of Denmark. I hope to make this a special trip for anyone who joins and help you understand editing inside-and-out.



Early bird (pre-July 15):  €1400

Normal rate: €1500

Food, Lodging, Transportation, and Printing


€100 extra for private room (otherwise two per room)

*Note that there is no cost to apply to the workshop. If admitted, you will have to pay a €500 down payment. The rest is paid upon arrival.*

Questions? Please email my assistant Graham Dickie at

Location of the workshop (in red):


Detail of the island:


What it looks like: